The primary goal of this site is to archive information that isn’t easily accessible on the open Web, for the benefit of other users.

About Me

Currently an undergraduate college student in the United States, I am primarily a lifelong electronics enthusiast, hobbyist, and power user – among other things. I have been a PC user since I was 4 years old, and a PC owner since I was 8 years old. I have been an iOS user since late 2007 when I got the first generation iPod touch, and as of September 2016, I am technically a *former* Android user since late 2011.

I first learned how to upgrade both hardware and software on desktop computers in 2009 when I upgraded my first computer to Windows Vista. I then had to buy a new computer in 2011 when my old PC could no longer handle editing HD video. I still use this computer to this day, albeit in a heavily upgraded form – the HP Pavilion h8-1070t.

In continuation of the Cyber Security Engineering internship which I completed in the summer of 2016, I am currently working at the same company for another “round”.

I know several programming languages, such as Java, C, LC3 Assembly, TI-BASIC, MATLAB, and small amounts of C++ and Python.

I have been an automotive enthusiast since sometime in 2012 when I began to investigate cars in depth as I learned how to drive.

Some of my other hobbies and interests include numismatics, genealogy, audio systems, video editing, running, occasional woodworking, PC gaming, and the collective computer, smartphone, and tablet market.